The magnificant Giant I can withstand even the most extreme weather and sea conditions. Its passengers thus travel in comfort, style and absolute safety, whether the yacht is cruising the turquoise waters of the Caribbean or exploring the vast untouched expanses of the Arctic and Antarctic. No other adventure yacht can match GIANT's versatility and capacity for circumnavigating the globe.

This extraordinary project has turned a working vessel into a luxury advanture yacht while retaining the original features of a seagoing salvage tug and icebreaker — and its advantages in terms of versatility and safety.

The 245' GIANT has a range of over 12,000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 14.5 knots. The huge deep-freezing compartments and storage capacity allow the vessel to cruise on all seas for more than six weeks without having to replenish its provisions.

A 22 – 30 strong crew, qualified and trained to STW standards, is on hand to pamper the guests. There is a well-equipped hospital room for emergencies and a Medicare contract ensures that a doctor will be on board at the guests' request.

Making the GIANT both functional and luxurious from top to bottom called for thorough planning. Every aspect of the shop was planned in such a way as to maximize the passengers' enjoyment and safety. Since GIANT can go places that lesser ships cannot, no effort was spared to ensure the safety of everyone onboard.